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International Business 4th ed

Textbook - Business

ISBN: 9780273701743


Outsourcing. Emerging economies. Environmental impacts. These are just three of the many key issues currently facing international businesses, which are all examined in the fourth edition of this well-respected textbook. Taking a regional approach, the text challenges some of the underlying assumptions behind globalization and focuses on both the dominant economies - the EU, the US and Japan - as well as emerging markets, such as Brazil, India and China, of world trade. The book also integrates analysis of the competitive environment and the internal resources of the firm to provide a strategic view of international business. The result is an engaging and comprehensive account of the realities of international business today. The text will be invaluable for anyone studying international business as part of a degree programme and aiming to attain a confident and thorough understanding of the subject. Amazon, Carrefour and Kodak; detailed exploration of culture, corporate responsibility and the natural environment; specific coverage of key geographical regions of international business; analysis of the environment and firm provides central strategic focus; and interactive teaching and learning resources including animation and video. This excellent text provides a focused, comprehensive and relevant coverage of contemporary international business. Theory and practice are combined, making a highly readable text, and its wealth of case material make it a text that students should find both stimulating and challenging. - Jean Barclay, Sheffield Hallam University. Professor Rugman brings his diverse and knowledgeable background to this highly successful textbook, making it the most practical, interesting and current international business management text available. - Marcel Kohler, University of KwaZulu-Natal. The book is well written, richly illustrated with real-life cases and gives an excellent overview of the field. The many examples are a good help in understanding the theories presented. overlooked, or underestimated, in other international business publications. - Dr Matthijs Wolters, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Alan M. Rugman is Professor of International Business and L. Leslie Waters Chair in International Business, Indiana University and Associate Fellow at Templeton College, University of Oxford. Simon Collinson is Senior Lecturer in International Business at Warwick Business School, the University of Warwick.

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