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Art and Science of Mental Health Nursing

Textbook - Nursing

ISBN: 9780335212422


“Although there are a number of books of this nature, this book is clearly in a superior league, and is presented in a format which is easily read and accessible…It is very difficult to find criticism with this book as it serves to explore countless aspects providing a wealth of research, case studies and current policies and service provision…A must for all students.”

Mental Health Practice

"At last we have a book that grounds mental health nursing in the evidence. This comprehensive text combines both scholarship with ease of reading. The editors and contributors are to be congratulated on producing this excellent and valuable work."
Philip Burnard, Vice Dean, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Cardiff University

“Norman and Ryrie provide an integrative account of the discipline that accommodates many origins, influences and practices. I feel sure this book will be of considerable benefit to undergraduate nursing students and to qualified nurses engaged in professional development activities. I also believe the book is necessary reading for those who train our nursing workforce.” 
Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive, The Mental Health Foundation

"I think that if there was only one book I could suggest as an essential text for nursing students at any level, it would be this one. Lecturers, please note! It really is an excellent read."
Mental Health Nursing


  • What are the foundations of mental health nursing as a practice discipline? 
  • What interventions do mental health nurses draw upon? 
  • How can mental health nurses engage clients as partners in care and promote their recovery?

Mental health nursing is an art and a science; concerned with both the therapeutic relationship between nurse and client and the skills required for evidence-based practice. Nurses need to find ways of integrating both these elements to meet service users’ demands and policy directives for mental health services. 

This book provides an integrative account of mental health nursing, which incorporates its knowledge base and the practical skills required by nurses to meet the demands of national healthcare policy and service users’ expectations.

Pedagogy to support readers includes chapter overviews and summary points, questions for reflection, annotated bibliographies, and fascinating case studies and service users’ views to illustrate everyday clinical situations.

Essential reading for students, post-qualification mental health nurses and nurse lecturers. 

Peter Ashton, Robin Basu, Geoff Brennan, Daniel Bressington, Alison Carolan, Joe Curran, Jacqueline Curthroys, Philip Fennell, Richard Ford, Catherine Gamble, Lina Gega, Richard Gray, Kevin Gournay, Susan Gurney, Simon Houghton, John Keady, Cheryl Kipping, Steve Morgan, Ian Norman, Ian Noonan, Kingsley Norton, Steve Onyett, Leah Ousley, Shaun Parsons, Rachel Perkins, Hagen Rampes, Julie Repper, Paul Rogers, Iain Ryrie, Susan Sookoo, Marc Thurgood, Gill Todd, Janet Treasure, Keith Tudor, Andrew Wetherell, Phil Woods.

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