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ISBN: 9780340840764


Gwynna had fallen from grace once, bearing a stillborn child out of wedlock. Determined to have a respectable future, she secures a position for herself as a nursemaid at Hungerton House. Just as she finds her feet, the secrets of her past are revealed and she is swiftly dismissed but not before she becomes the target of a lascivious groom. And even afterwards she is pursued by Hungerton, an evil old man who wishes to send her back to the gutters.
She returns home, only to find the small town reeling after the arson attack on the local pub and music hall. Her only ally is a talented carpenter, also once employed by Hungerton. His former employer will stop at nothing, to bring him back to the estate. Will money buy revenge and destroy two lives or will the young lovers find a way to achieve their dreams?

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