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A Plateful of Murder


ISBN: 9780425229859


The first two Hemlock Falls mysteries?a winning recipe for mystery lovers.

A Taste for Murder takes readers to the festival at Hemlock Falls, featuring a reenactment of the 17th-century witch trials. But this year the mock execution becomes all too real when a guest at the Inn is crushed under a pile of stones. The killer has not been identified?yet.

In A Dash of Death, Helena Houndswood is the epitome of class when the cameras are rolling. Behind the scenes, this expert on style is a snob with a heart of stone. She?s furious to hear that the decidedly déclassé women of Hemlock Falls have won her TV show?s design contest. When one winner goes missing and the other is found dead, Helena falls under suspicion. Murder can be so tacky.

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