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Fanny McBride


ISBN: 9780552150095


Now that her brood had left the nest, Fanny McBride, a large, cheerful and indomitable Tyneside widow, had time to sit by her window and watch the goings-on outside. There was plenty to keep her occupied: the mystery of the new woman at Mulhattan’s Hall, the tenement block (here a fortnight already and not so much as a hello); the long-standing feud with Mrs Flannagan over the street; after-school visits from her grandson Corny, cheeky as a sparrow with an appetite like a gannet.

Not that Fanny had any intention of ending her days in lonely isolation, however. And so when her friend Mary fell sick and had to give up work for a few weeks, it was Fanny who took her place. It tickled her to think how her son Phil would react. After all, he was the clever one, a clean collar every day for his job in the Borough Treasurer’s office. She could just picture his face when she told him she’d got a job in town – looking after the ladies’ lavatories…

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