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ISBN: 9781585678723


Lee--Leland Pefley, to be precise--is a crusty, belligerent, and fearless septuagenarian who is filed with disgust for the unwashed, uneducated, and unrefined masses. With his wife Judy recently dead, and being not long for the world himself, Lee has downsized his life to only a trunk full of books in a rented room. A leader without followers, Lee attacks all visible signs of the temporal world he abhors, replacing it in his heart and mind with a gorgeous and worthy universe of his own making. His world is influenced by visions and peopled with perfect souls. And in Perdue's stunning first novel, these two worlds come together brilliantly. In the tradition of early Faulkner and the novels of Cormac McCarthy, this extraordinary Southern novel describes the premonitions, nausea, and paranoia of a solitary man hastening toward death.


Originally published several years ago to much acclaim, Lee is here available for the first time in paperback, accompanying the simultaneous hardcover publication of Perdue's new Fields of Asphodel.

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