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Social Work; An Intro to Comtemporary Practice

Textbook - Sociology

ISBN: 9781405858465

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A key text, an excellent read, and highly recommended.' Professor David Howe, University of East Anglia, Norwich

`this text comes as a breath of fresh air - by placing relationships once more at the heart of social work practice...whilst also meeting the needs of students in the context of modern social work education.' Professor Adrian James, University of Sheffield

`not simply an introductory summary and tour of the field, but provides students with a clear framework and foundation for locating their practice through the rest of their studies, future training and professional careers...This is an ambitious and very impressive book.' Nigel Parton, NSPCC Professor in Applied Childhood Studies, University of Huddersfield

Social Work: An introduction to contemporary practice has quickly established itself as a leading and uniquely comprehensive introduction to the field. Essential knowledge and skills are examined with authority and depth, and key debates approached in an accessible, informative and engaging way. Underpinned by research and advice to make close illustrative links with practice, it stimulates interest and actively engages.

Richly supported throughout with examples and real-life case scenarios, the text encourages a critical and reflective approach. Furthermore, believing that social work exists to help people through complex and painful transitions in life, the authors set the relationship at the heart of social work practice.

This text is essential reading for social work students on undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes, newly qualified social workers and practitioners in a variety of settings.

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