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Take Off


ISBN: 9781594660726


While millions around the globe fight the battles of World War II, Max Bonner, a young amateur pilot, fights his battles on the home front. An attempted seduction, lies, small-town scandal, and the murder of his brother propel Max to seek justice. When his plan goes awry, Max is forced to run for his life. He escapes at the expense of a powerful, bitter man, and takes off on a picaresque journey of self-discovery. Max meets a storm of challenges presented by his fugitive life. He encounters several memorable characters in the process, including a war profiteer, an unforgettable crop duster, an evangelist of questionable ethics...and the love of his life. As the war comes to an end, Max's story comes full-circle. Matured in many ways, he returns home, but not to a hero's welcome. Instead, for any hope of redemption, he must face what he's been running from for years.

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