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ISBN: 9781902934235

From the 20th floor of Trelick Tower the changing landscape of west London looks like a blur. It's Carnival time and the two million people below have completely lost their minds. In a small flat on Ladbroke Grove, an uninvited guest looking for trouble has gatecrashed a party. Before the night's over, he'll end up dead. It's Pringle's flat. He's a middle-class boy with everything going for him. But he's just killed a man.
An old black man in a Westbourne Park bedsit is haunted by memories. He had a wife, kids, a nice house and car, money and a successful career. He was a somebody once, now he's a nobody. He sits alone with a rope around his neck.
Celebrity Boy, the famous Hollywood film star hangs out undercover with the bar flys of Hoxton. Disguised, he thinks he won't be recognised. Alice pretends not to, but she knows exactly who he is. She wants something from him. Something big. What she doesn't know, is that he wants something even bigger and more deadly from her.Dotun 

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