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Edisto Island


ISBN: 978596291799


Benjamin Bodicott is a gentleman. A man with brilliant blue eyes, flowing hair and a manner of speaking far superior to his peers, Benjamin is as near a Rhett Butler as Edisto Island, South Carolina has ever seen. Whaley, a twenty-two-year-old island native, never thought that she would fall for an aristocrat. But when Benjamin Bodicott steps into her life, everything changes. 

Whaley, who had been funnelling her passion into music, suddenly finds her attention drawn toward her quickly intensifying romance with Benjamin. Everything is perfect until she receives the devastating phone call that alters her life forever. In a whirlwind sequence of events, Whaleys beloved father is diagnosed with stomach cancer, her prized piano disappears after her fathers death and a secret about Benjamins past emerges, causing her to question everything that she has ever believed.

In this tale of romance with a hint of mystery, Nancy Rhyne creates characters as rich in complexity as the beauty of the South Carolina Lowcountry that she masterfully describes. In the sea of turmoil that envelops Whaleys life, she must set aside the world that she knows to determine if love really does conquer all

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