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Motor Control Technology for Industrial Maintenance

Textbook - Engineering

ISBN: 9780130322913


lThis accessible, in-depth study of motor controls provides a step-by-step understanding of what motor control components look like, their theory of operation, tests that are used to troubleshoot them, and what they look like in electrical diagrams. The book's easy-to-read style compliments the €œhands-on€ learning experience of its users€”who will become maintenance technicians able to troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of equipment. Detailed chapter topics cover a safety introduction; lock out and tag out; tools; symbols and diagrams; an overview of motor controls; power distribution and transformers; manual control devices; magnetics, solenoids and relays; contractors and motor starters; pilot devices; photoelectric proximity; timers, counters and sequencers; DC motors; AC motors; motor control circuits; advanced motor control; DC and AC drives; programmable controllers; electronics; and troubleshooting. An on-the-job reference for electric

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