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Understanding Foodservice Cost Control: An Operational Text for Food, Beverage and Labor Costs

Textbook - Food

ISBN: 9780131714878


, HillThis book is the guide to how to maximize revenues, control expenses, and optimize financial objectives. Its practical “hands-on” approach facilitates immediate application to all types of foodservice operations. Used for illustrative purposes, the included forms can be reproduced and implemented. Chapter topics cover the control process; food cost/food cost percentage; inventory management; requisitions and transfers; purchasing functions; receiving merchandise and processing invoices; quality standards, specifications, yield analysis, and plate cost; food production control; menu sales analysis; beverage cost/beverage cost percentage; bar and inventory control; beverage production control and service; controlling payroll costs and the cost of employee turnover; measuring staff performance and productivity; control practices applied to human resources issues, gratuities, wage laws, and working conditions; monitoring the sales process; pricing and sales forecasts; and self-inspections, customer feedback and nonfood inventories. For management personnel in the foodservice industry.

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