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Angels Next Door

Children's Novel

ISBN: 9780141344522

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Angels Next Door is a gorgeous new magical friendship series for 8+ readers by bestselling author, Karen McCombie.

Riley's best friend has gone away forever and Lauren 'Queen of Everything' Mayhew is making school a nightmare. It looks like Riley's on her own, until the three Angelos Sisters move in next door.

Her new neighbours are . . . different. Colourful and sparkly, they stand out. It's not just their names or how they dress - there's something magical about them. And since they arrived there have been loads of strange coincidences.

Who are these new girls and what's with all the glitter?

'A wonderful, funny, heart-warming and comforting tale . . . will be a success with female readers aged 9 and upwards' The School Librarian

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