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Thinking Through Communication: An Intro

Textbook - Communication

ISBN: 9780205530472

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Praised for its “teachability,” Thinking Through Communication provides an excellent, balanced introduction to basic theories and principles of communication, making sense of a complex field through a variety of approaches.


In an organized and coherent manner, Thinking Through Communication covers a full range of topics—from the history of communication study to the methods used by current communication scholars to understand human interaction. The book explores face-to-face communication in a variety of traditional contexts: interpersonal, group, organizational, public, intercultural, computer-mediated communication and the mass media. This edition also offers new insights public speaking and listening. 


Written in a clear, lively style, Trenholm's overall approach—including her use of examples and interesting illustrations—helps develop a better understanding of communication as a field of study and an appreciation for ways in which communication impacts our daily lives.

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