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Back In TheHeadlines


ISBN: 9780263891287


'What woman wouldn't get all hot and bothered if Titus Alexander was staring at her like that?' As part of a number-one-selling girl band, Roxanne Carmichael was used to having the eyes of thousands on her. But now she's scrubbing floors one condescending look from the Duke of Torchester fires her blood with fury...and attraction! Titus doesn't suffer fools, and does not drop his guard. But his new chambermaid is threatening his iron self-control with those legs and that wicked mouth! There's only one way he can get her out of his system - and that's to get her into his bed! 'Luxury, fantasy, passion, seduction. Irresistible protagonists that draw you effortlessly in. Fantastic stuff.' - Rachel, Author, Hampshire

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