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Reorganizing Primary Classroom Learning

Textbook - Education

ISBN: 9780335207305


 "This easily accessible book is likely to influence the practice of any teacher reading it, whether or not their pupils are already experienced at shifting the furniture!" Primary Practice

Classroom organization plays a greater role in children's learning than is generally recognized. Moreover, research studies of primary teaching have repeatedly shown that the way classrooms are usually organized makes learning unnecessarily difficult for most children. Re-organizing Primary Classroom Learning explains the evidence that should prompt primary schools to think again about the contexts in which children are expected to concentrate and learn.

New ways of arranging classrooms are illustrated through case studies of teachers who take a flexible and strategic approach to the organization of learning. These demonstrate how children's attention and behaviour can benefit from creating a better match between working contexts and tasks. Suggestions and resources are provided to help teachers review how they and their children work, and to plan and evaluate ways of using their classrooms more effectively to support learning. A website, run by the authors, offers further examples and support (http/

Re-organizing Primary Classroom Learning is written for primary teachers and headteachers who are curious and keen to improve the quality of children's learning and progress. It raises fundamental questions about accepted practice and offers realistic alternatives and encouragement to innovate.

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