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Nyr: Secret Friends

Children's Novel

ISBN: 9780340664735

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A book about real dilemmas that children face every day - full of warmth and by an award-winning author. 

"It's crazy, starting at a new school. For days you feel so new and lost it's as if you've wandered into a foreign country where you can't speak the language." 

This haunting story about Rafaella, the new girl at school who finds making friends hard, is a stunning piece of writing. With her strange name and sticking out ears she's different from the rest. Lucy is the first to tease, the first to call her 'Earwig'. Until a secret friendship starts, full of warmth and mystery.

Beautifully illustrated throughout by Jason Cockcroft, this is a modern classic by the winner of the Children's Book Award. 

'A humane and honest story. It conveys so much, so simply and so well.' The Scotsman

'... a fine weepy with a moral, about the dangers of playground cliquishness and cruelty.' The Sunday Times

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