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HAR: Of Friends, Money and Gossip

Hodder African Readers

ISBN: 9780340990278


This anthology contains three short stories and a play. In 'Riding the Monkey with Pako', Deboy finds unexpected friendship and unforeseen tragedy in his relationship with Pakoe, 'Hands and Faces' sees Seno and his mother needing to overcome their own scars, both psychological and physical, before they can help others. The trusting Matwenga is hoodwinked out of his hard-earned cash in 'The Money Telegraph', but then he and his son turn the tables on the thief. And in 'Trading Gossip: A Play', Fungisai and Shamie must live with their individual challenges and put aside hurtful rumours in order to mend their special friendship.  

Hodder African Readers are high-interest books designed to appeal to both boys and girls. They are highly motivating, contemporary adventure and action stories which attract the reader's attention and hold it through the story. Together these titles form a strong, vibrant and attractive supplementary readers series for African schools. 

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