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Children's Novel

ISBN: 9780545546584


It's 1912, and German scientist Theodor Weiss has just discovered a strange new plague that transforms its victims into soulless, flesh-eating monsters. As he studies one of the plague's victims, Weiss uncovers a sinister military plot to use the disease as a weapon, and decides to run away with the sole vial of the zombie virus. And what better place to hide than on the world's largest ocean liner, the Titanic? Unfortunately, Weiss is being followed by a vengeful secret agent who is determined to get the vial back at any cost. Now the virus has spread and the undead are running rampant aboard the Titanic! As the doomed ship steams at top speed toward an iceberg, it's up to Weiss, a young passenger, the captain, and the crew to stop the carnage. This gory page-turner reveals the grisly untold story of what really happened on the world's most famous ship.

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