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Marvelous Book of Magical Mermaids


ISBN: 9780545692144


Grab your little mermaid and bring your imagination, as classic paper doll dress-up meets enchantment under the sea. The Marvelous Book of Magical Mermaids takes this classic play pattern to new heights (and depths) -- it comes with six glamorous paper mermaids and three elegant paper sea horse friends. You get everything you need to dress them up and play, since our mermaid book comes with 200+ fin-tastic punch-out fashions and accessories?from gowns to crowns to jewels to hairstyles

  • Dress up paper mermaids and their seahorse friends
  • Comes with: 6 beautiful paper mermaids, 3 seahorse friends, 8 sparkling tailfins, over 200 punch-out fashions, tons of reusable sticky shapes, 4 dreamy backgrounds, storage envelope
  • Includes a 50 page instructional book with Klutz certified crystal-clear instructions
  • Everything you need for a great travel activity
  • Recommended for children ages 6+

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