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Cherry Tree Lane


ISBN: 9780749009076


It is 1910 and life in Wiltshire is far from pleasant for Mattie and her sisters. Bullied by her stepfather, who wants her to marry a much older guy, she decides to seek happiness by running away.
She soon finds herself lost and cold on a country lane and collapses. Jacobs discovers her and nurses her back to health. With no where to go she stays for a while and they grow close. Emily, the elderly landowner wishes to protect her property from her greedy cousin and offers Jacob a job as a rental agent but only on the condition that he marries Mattie. They do so, but Mattie is uncomfortable marrying a man for the sake of his career and not for love. Yet this life is much more preferable than the life her stepfather wanted her to have. But happiness never lasts .... Emily falls sick and her greedy relative descends and Mattie's whereabouts is discovered.

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