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Social Studies Teaching Activities Books

Textbook - Education

ISBN: 9780810853713


Teaching activities books are wonderful resources for providing ideas to teachers to enliven their lessons and help their students connect to the curriculum. However, these books can be difficult to locate, and often, even when you do find them it is nearly impossible to search by curriculum topic or grade level. Social Studies Teaching Activities Books: An Annotated Resource Guide helps solve this dilemma by bringing together a selected list of teaching activities books with primary emphasis placed on those books written for the elementary and middle school grades. This annotated listing of books―arranged by curriculum area topic and grade level―can be consulted to locate books that provide various teaching and learning activities to enhance the teacher's lesson. While this book emphasizes activities books for the elementary and middle school, social studies activities books geared to junior and senior high levels are also included. A list of typical publishers and distributors of social studies teaching activities books is provided along with contact information in addition to the index, which provides ready access by curriculum topic to the books described.

This book will not only be useful for classroom teachers, but those engaged in home schooling will also find it useful as they develop lessons and seek curriculum support for that environment. School library media specialists, curriculum materials librarians, and public librarians will all find it valuable in developing their school professional and educational collections.

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