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Cambridge Primary Computing Learner's Book Stage 2

Hodder Cambridge Primary

ISBN: 9781398368576

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Help learners develop essential computing skills with an approach that uses real-life examples, reinforces key vocabulary and provides opportunities to learn, practise and apply throughout.
- Encourage learners to become confident in working with information and ideas of their own and those of others with discussion tasks, as well as with What can you do? panels at the end of each unit for self-assessment.
- Provide a clear pathway through the learning objectives with Practise tasks in each unit, as well as Go further and Challenge yourself! panels with questions designed to support differentiation.
- Recap and activate learners' prior knowledge with Do you remember? activities and introduce new computing skills with Learn and Practise tasks.

How to use this book
Term 1
Unit 1 Be a game developer
Unit 2 Be a data analyst
Unit 3 Computers and their functions
Term 2
Unit 4 Be an animator
Unit 5 Devices and networks
Unit 6 Be a designer
Unit 7 Be a data scientist
Term 3
Unit 8 Be an artist
Unit 9 Connected and sharing
Unit 10 Be a storyteller
Unit 11 Computers and robots

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