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ISBN: 9781407230863


The lively Barleybridge Veterinary Hospital is bustling with energy. All the vets and lay staff are working hard to make sure that disruptive and sick animals in the surgery and on the farms are treated. At the same time some of them are coping with crises in their personal lives. Kate is worrying about her A level results and hoping she will get into Veterinary College. Dan's wife's baby is due any moment. Letty is worried that she may be terminally ill but is afraid to tell anyone. Joy finds that she is still in love with Mungo, a fact which finally compells her husband Duncan to leave home. Rhodri is deeply in love with Megan a local farmer's daughter but she can't marry him because she is committed to caring for her elderly father.A wonderfully pacey, funny but tender novel about life in the country. 

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