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Tales from Schwartzgarten 3: The Lily-Livered Prince

Children's Novel

ISBN: 9781408314579


Following the deaths of Marius's parents in a cable car accident in an alpine town outside Schwartzgarten, the boy is sent to Schwartzgarten to live with his Great Uncle, the 96-year-old chocolate maker, M. Kalvitas. But is the city a safe place for orphans to live? The Department of Police has reports that children are being abducted and smuggled from the city - but how, and more importantly, why? When Marius encounters the Band of Blood, a group of orphaned children who live in a dilapidated hotel in Schwartzgarten's mysterious Old Town, it seems they have a theory to explain the abductions. Could it be that the new chocolate shop in the artisan quarter of the city is a front for the kidnappings? Time is running out before they themselves are dragged from the dark city streets and spirited out of the city. Luckily, the members of the Band of Blood have Great Uncle Kalvitas on their side. But is Kalvitas really the ancient war hero he claims to be and can he save his Great Nephew from the abductors?

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