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Hodder Cambridge Primary Science Teacher's Pack 3

Hodder Teacher's Resource

ISBN: 9781471884115


Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations. 

Save time and ensure full coverage of the course objectives with ideas for teaching and comprehensive notes to help successfully deliver the Science mastery approach.

- Plan lessons more easily with quick and easy reference of the Cambridge Primary objectives and codes, with an overview for each unit and lesson

- Ensure full understanding of the Science mastery approach containing introductory information regarding how it looks in the classroom and how to adopt the approach when planning and delivering a lesson

- Deepen understanding of the concepts and skills in the Learner's Books with further activities, allowing learners to practise

- Introduce the Learner's Book pages with engaging starter activities with links to the accompanying digital resource

- Clarify the purpose of the activities in the Learner's Book and give the extra scientific knowledge needed to teach the lesson with supporting background information

- Support activities in the Learner's Book with teaching notes and answers. References to the supporting workbook and digital resources given

- Keep track of learners' progress with success criteria listed for assessment purposes, for each lesson

- Find marking quicker and easier with answers to the workbook, digital resource and practice tests provided

- Plan lessons easily with 2 photocopiable masters available for each unit

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