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Hodder Cambridge Primary Maths Learner's Book 2

Hodder Cambridge Primary

ISBN: 9781471884337


Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.

Develop learners' mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills using the mastery approach, with this series of Learner's Books.

- Introduce topics through engaging starter activities

- Develop mathematical language with New Words and worked examples

- Illustrate topics clearly and vividly with imaginative design and relatable characters

- Build fluency and mathematical reasoning skills by exploring,

clarifying, practising and then extending concepts to ensure learners master mathematical ideas

- Enhance learners' ability to apply their skills and solve non-routine mathematical problems, by ensuring they secure a deep conceptual understanding of the subject

- Support learners of all abilities with Hints and Try this extension challenges

- Secure knowledge with problem solving integrated throughout

- Incorporates assessment for learning through self-check activities at the end of each unit

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