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Cambridge IGCSE™ French Vocabulary Workbook

Hodder IGCSE/O Level

ISBN: 9781510448049


Strengthen students' vocabulary skills with hours of ready-made activities which sit alongside the Student Book and Grammar Workbook. - Ensure students have a thorough understanding of the vocabulary for each topic before moving on - Target students' vocabulary learning according to their needs with activities for each level of difficulty in the Student's Book - Engage students using language creatively with varied and fun exercises such as crosswords, code words, anagrams and many more - Save valuable preparation time and expenses with self-contained exercises which don't need photocopying and have full answers provided online Also available in the series Student Book ISBN: 9781510447554 Grammar Workbook ISBN: 9781510447547 Study and Revision Guide ISBN: 9781510448032 Student eTextbook ISBN: 9781510448704 Whiteboard eTextbook ISBN: 9781510447769 Online Teacher Guide ISBN: 9781510447776 Teaching and Learning Resources ISBN: 9781510447783

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