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Textual Analysis for English Language and Literature for the IB Diploma: Skills for Success

Hodder - IB Diploma

ISBN: 9781510467156



Build confidence in a range of key textual analysis techniques and skills with this practical companion, full of advice and guidance from experienced experts.
- Build analysis techniques and skills through a range of strategies, serving as a useful companion throughout the course - from critical-thinking, referencing and citation and the development of a line of inquiry to reflecting on the writing process and constructing essays for Paper 1 and Paper 2
- Develop skills in how to approach a text using textual analysis strategies and critical theory, for both unseen texts (the basis of Paper 1) and texts studied in class
- Concise, clear explanations help students navigate the IB requirements, including advice on assessment objectives and how literary and textual analysis weaves through Paper 1, Paper 2, the HL Essay, Individual Oral and the Learner Profile
- Build understanding in how to approach texts so that students can write convincingly and passionately about texts through active reading, note-taking, asking questions, and developing a personal response to texts
- Engaging activities are provided to test understanding of each topic and develop skills for the exam - guiding answers are available to check your responses.

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