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Felix Frost Time Detective: Ghost Plane

Children's Novel

ISBN: 9781848665620


As every respectable scientist knows, messing with the space-time continuum is more trouble than it's worth. 

That's why Felix Frost, secret child genius, has locked up his time machine for good. Yes, sir. 

But, when your best friend is an adventure-loving bossy pants and you've got a history project to do. Well, that changes things. 

When Missy and Felix visit Bill Hudson, Missy's great grandfather, to ask him about his years as a pilot in WW2, he tells them the story of the ghost plane: a fighter jet that went out on a routine mission, and when it came back, its pilot had vanished. 

Join Felix, Missy and Einstein as they dust off the time machine to travel back to England, 1943. Can they solve the mystery of the ghost plane without getting caught out as time travellers? Or worse, spies!

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