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Advantures of the MadDuck, part 2

African Writers

ISBN: 9781977721877


Have you ever seen an elephant or ever chased by one? What about ever sleeping by the roadside because the vehicle you were riding in broke down. I’m a young African woman who likes to do crazy things. Infact, adventure is my middle name. I have even ridden a bicycle from Accra to Tamale in Ghana to raise funds and build a primary school. Do you know how many kilometres that is? 650km. I did that in six days. In 2007, I decided to start travelling around the world. I have been to many countries, including Canada, Finland, Djibouti, New Zealand, and Montenegro. I’ve travelled by train, bus, plane and motorbike. I have seen natural wonders like the giant sand dunes in Namibia and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Travelling around the world, I have experienced the kindness of strangers. Some of them gave me food to eat, a place to sleep, or helped me when I was lost. Some of the stories I will share with you will make you learn, laugh and sometimes make you want to cry. One thing I know is that this book will inspire you and will help you live your dreams. I want to show you that, you can be the business person, artist, scientist, farmer, film maker, writer, adventurer or whatever profession you want to be in the future. It is possible.

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