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A Poolside Adventure- The Adventures of Kobby Badu-Smith

African Tales

ISBN: 9789988224523


In the Space Adventure, I get stowed away on the first Canadian Space Shuttle not entirely my fault by hey! In the poolside adventure, I sort of float on air and it feels like walking on water AND I meet this weird guy called Euclid! Last summer, I got to visit my dad in Tanzania and got the wildest trip ever with gorillas in the jungle! Next summer, I will visit a Chocolate Factory in Ghana, the home of cocoa! And my latest crazy stuff was when I almost surgically removed an organ from someone not much different from when I mistakenly caused Mason my best friend to go into a diabetic shock! But I’m behaving myself these days the coolest thing just happened to me. Someone gave me anti-gravity sneakers and I am soooooo goingtotheOlympics

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