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Broken For Use


ISBN: 9789988535919

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Broken for Use is a moving personal and spiritual memoir which is vulnerable in bold letters. It is a gripping story of a Middle-Class Ghanaian girl’s journey from an angst-ridden childhood, through a riotous and bare-knuckled struggle to an Anglican priest. This book is for those who are comfortable with their humanity, and always grateful for the extent of the grace of God in their lives. Filled with instances of God’s grace working in human depravity, the author demonstrates that our deepest purpose and truest destination can only be fulfilled by God’s calling on our lives. Told with remarkable candour, the Author manages to hold the attention of her reader by enlisting you as part of the story she is telling and she doesn’t let go till the very last page.

About the Author
Reverend Akua Buabema Ofori-Boateng is an expressive clergy and philanthropist with a strong belief in excellence.
Upon graduating from Ghana International School, Reverend Akua obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics, a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and a Master of Arts degree in Ministry.

After over eighteen years of working in design engineering and corporate management, she turned her attention largely to ministry and philanthropy. She became an Anglican priest, and she established Aequitas – a fairer world, a faith-based foundation which seeks to transform lives by infusing the love of Christ into social imbalances to make the world a fairer place.
Reverend Akua has spoken and regularly speaks on several youth and women’s platforms, with the aim of using her story and her experiences to encourage young people.

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