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Leadership: Theory, Practice and Cases

African Writers

ISBN: 9789988909451


Leadership is the most important ingredient of success in Human Endeavour.

The changes we see and experience in societies and organisations around the world lead to new and different paradigms that necessitate different and appropriate responses. These lead directly into the realm of how we come to think about leadership. In short, we cannot see leadership competence and its practice in the same way as societies and organisations evolve. Those who take leadership positions and duties must be willing to explore and create new ways of thinking and interacting with those they lead and continue to lead.

To this end, this book is written for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to learn or enhance their leadership competence and confidence. Whether you are in government or in a non-profit or private sector business, the leadership framework and knowledge covered here constitute a theoretical and practical enough help for you to create societal and organisational growth and change.

“Wisdom on leadership from a distinguished practitioner, with advice for leaders and students alike. ” — Emeritus Professor Tudor Richards, Formerly Professor of Creativity and Organisational Change, Alliance Manchester Business School

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