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Chocolate and the Blue Sky: Why Shuji Kwame is Coming to Ghana

African Tales

ISBN: 9789988600785


Chocolate and the Blue Sky recounts fond memories and experiences that a Japanese family had when they hosted a Ghanaian, Mr. Chris Kog Feruta-Benee. Feruta-Benee was then on a training programme in Japan in 1999.

The book was originally written in Japanese some 15 years ago by the author, Kaoru Horigome, whose young daughter, referred to as Shuji in the book, was close to the Ghanaian and asked many questions so that she could understand the Ghanaian culture.

The author admitted that the time her family spent with the Ghanaian, fondly called Chris-San, meaning Brother Chris, left a lasting impression on her. She learnt to appreciate the importance of taking pride in one’s country, show love for one’s family and be fair to all.

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