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Unmasking Manhood

African Tales

ISBN: 9781520639802


HOW DOES A MAN EMBRACE THE CALL OF MANHOOD without compromising the core role in society? In Unmasking Manhood, the author points out that, our masculinity is not the question but the function of manhood. According to him, in recognising the difference, an unmasked man will embrace the joy and call to being the generator as well as the sustainer of legacy not only in their family but within the community.

Every culture has an expectation of ‘man’ and their role, yet paradoxically these expectations become the unwritten standard. But in separating the role and function of manhood, ‘men’ will learn best practices from mentors, coaches, cultures, fathers and heroes. Just imagine the impact we can have on our sons and grandsons!

Richard Akita states, “My journey thus far has been enlightening; a culmination of a great marriage to Najate, mentors, heroes, mistakes and self-discovery has prepared me not only as father to my biological children - Marcelle and Ryzard - but granted me the grace to step into fathering the community and be in readiness for grand parenting.”

Wherever you are in your life’s journey, read this awesome book, learn great lessons and live well, as you unmask your legacy!
Richard Akita

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