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Theory of Knowledge Third Edition (For IB Diploma)

Hodder - IB Diploma

ISBN: 9781471804151



A unique narrative through the latest TOK guide from two of the IB's most respected experts
- Guides students by helping them examine the nature of knowledge and ways of knowing
- Develops diverse and balanced arguments by raising questions in a variety of contexts
- Provides complete support assessment
- Includes all the new ways of knowing and areas of knowledge
Also available
This Student's Book is supported by Dynamic Learning, which offers Teaching and Learning Resources that include a guide to teaching the course and classroom activities, plus a unique lesson builder tool to help teachers collate and organise a range of resources into lessons. The Dynamic Learning package also includes a Whiteboard eTextbook version of the book for front of class teaching and lesson planning.
Also from later in the year, please look out for assignable and downloadable Student eTextbooks

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